Help: Club NEFMA Emails

Step One: Check Your Spam Folder

This will help you recover an email that has already been sent to you:

Each email provider (GMail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) is a little bit different, especially in how they handle spam. If you currently use folders in your email, alongside the folders you have created you should also see system folders that are created for you by your email provider. The SPAM folder should be among these system folders. If you click this folder it will show you the emails the system thinks are spam, and there is also an option to let your email provider know that a specific email is NOT spam, and you will be able to see these emails in your inbox folder in the future.

If you are unfamiliar with email folders, it would be best to ask someone who knows how to handle spam, or try watching one of these youtube videos:

If you are unable to find the original email, do not worry -- there are tons of reasons that could have factored into your not receiving an email. If you did not receive your registration email, send us an email and we will help you gain access to your account.

If you tend to have this issue with different websites and membership notifications, it's most likely a problem with your email provider configuration (especially if it's "work" email) or with your email client (Outlook, Mail, etc). If you usually receive emails of this type, then hopefully this was a one-off issue, and the step below can help with you receiving our emails in the future.

Step Two: Send Us An Email

In order to establish a relationship between Club NEFMA and your email, you can send an email to This will let your email provider know that you want to correspond with us, and future emails should not go to the spam folder.

If you are familiar with the "whitelist" concept with your email provider, add our email address there to accomplish the same thing.

Test Emails

To test and see if you receive an email, complete the form below. We will and send you an email, and then we can see what happens.

Send Test Email

Email sent!

It's been 0 seconds since the email has been sent. When you receive the email, click here.

It's been a while, have you tried checking your spam folder? I tried that.

Great! You should also receive future emails from Club NEFMA.

Let's go about this another -- send an email to "" with the subject "Club NEFMA Website Email Test." When we receive the email, we will reply to you that we've received it, which should establish a 'trust' relationship with our email address, and we should no longer have issues corresponding through email.

If you do not get a reply from us after a business day, contact Scott Stanley for more help.